window shutters built for a lifetime of use

Made To Measure Shutters Perfectly Crafted

Innovations in shutter design technology, combined with the best construction techniques in woodworking, bring together permanent UV protection and considerable improvements for your home’s energy efficiency. With multiple window design considerations available, plantation window shutters give you fingertip control of light, ventilation and privacy.

loft shutters

To ensure your interior window shutters look, function and feel as good in 20 years time as they do on the day of your installation, I consider three major things are paramount:

loft shutters
joint construction
Mortice and tenon joint construction

1. Extra Strong Joint Construction

Regarded as the strongest joints in woodworking, mortice and tenon joints are utilised in all of our interior shutter collections. The joint is very strong, concealed, and offers a large surface area for gluing so it cannot twist – it’s used in all furniture construction where the highest quality finish is required.

joint construction
Mortice and tenon joint construction

2. Extra Strong Shutter Framework

Eliminate bowing and twisting over time, as the biscuit technology employed in the vertical stiles of your shutters restricts movement to less than 2mm over a 20 year period. Magnetic closure of your shutters eliminates this further. In addition, easy closure and maximum light blockage is achieved by rebating the inner and outer stiles of the window shutters.

Reinforced vertical stiles
tension screws
Tension screws to adjust louvres
Rebated drop pin hinges

3. Enhanced UV Protection

A quality spray finish is even more important than colour. Painted shutters follow an eleven stage multi-coat finishing process. Every unit is sealed, sanded, primed, re-sanded, primed again, colour finished twice and covered with two satin finish clear UV protective top coats

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